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Our Family

The Innkeepers

Bob and Deb have been blessed with three loving, caring daughters who have produced four engaging, inquisitive, totally entertaining and of course perfect grandchildren.

Bob, a retired educator of the deaf and hard of hearing, is a master carpenter, cabinetmaker and all around handy man. You’ll typically find Bob doing maintenance and grounds keeping. He has also been spotted washing dishes during meals and events. When he’s not at the Inn, he works as a professional truck driver and travels all over New England and New York.

Deb loves people and enjoys cooking and entertaining. Quilting, needle crafts, reading and learning to play the guitar take up some of her time now that she is semi-retired. Her professional careers included licensed certified speech language pathologist, executive director, state and national funding and policy consultant and licensed insurance producer.

Bob and Deb enjoy life and welcome you to share a renewing, relaxing and refreshing time at the Inn. They will do everything possible to make your stay an enjoyable one.